Zimbra Collaboration makes your project easy to manage

Zimbra offers effective communal storage and delegation of email, a simple way to update collaborative projects, which gives everyone involved a full overview of all correspondence involving the project.

Zimbra allows sharing, updating and synchronizing emails, calendars, documents, documentation, tasklists and contacts to be done in an overall better way.

Zimbra has an excellent user interface on all modern platforms, and we believe it to be a better alternative than Microsoft Office 365 for those in need of a great collaboration tool. Zimbra has been created with open standards, which ensures that you are not held back by a provider with closed proprietary systems. Zimbra and Sircon give you the freedom of choice each day!

Zimbra allows you to create email folders, documents, address books, tasklists and calendars, and lets you share these with a person or group(s). Your work is always synchronized and available to you at any location or device!

Share your documents, or keep them on hand for your own convenience. Folders, calendars, tasklists, files and addresses related to a project are all available, for all those working on the project, from any device.

Collaboration made easier and better

Zimbra is a groupware tool that is available on all platforms and devices. It allows for effective communication and exchange of information. It is also a wise financial choice. You are also free from worrying about software, updates, backups and licensing. Leave it to us!

Zimbra has an excellent user interface on all modern platforms and devices.

Zimbra offers a functional interface for smaller screens, with an excellent touch interface! The solutions allows you to use Outlook or Apple Mail / Calendar to synchronize calendars and address books, Zimbra supports most open standards like iCal, calDAV and Active-Synch.

“1 year with Zimbra makes me certain that I have found a smarter, more efficient alternative to most other groupware solutions on the market.”

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