Our WordPress plugins, designed for the norwegian market.

Sircon WordPress Plugins adds new functionality to your site.

WordPress plugins that makes every day more simple

Our goal is to give our customers solutions that helps making every day simpler. Simplifying and automation of repetitive tasks, and integrations against third party systems can save you from a lot of work. Use your time more reasonable and on things you love to do, and let the correct tools do the boring and repetetive tasks. Below you will find the plugins we have developed for WordPress.

Sircon Finn Realestate

Sircon Finn Realestate allows you to collect homes you have for sale on Finn and display them on your own website. The integration is seamless, and the ads slip right into the design of your website. All you need to do is enter API information from Finn and choose the WordPress page that should present your ads.

Sircon Finn Cars

Present the cars you have advertised on Finn directly on your website. The integration is seamless and the ads follow the design of your website. Sircon Finn Cars also has some filters so your customers can easily find what they are looking for, whether they need a small city car or a car to get to the cabin with.

Sircon Realestate

Sircon Realestate is a flexible realestate selector which are perfect for anyone selling multiple realestates in the same area. You will have the opportunity to upload a map view in which you can draw in your realestates, and add information fields with your own names and values.

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