With Sircon Speed​​Press your WordPress website will be many times faster

Sircon Speed ​​Press, make your WordPress site up to 100 times faster!

Sircon Speed ​​Press is a package of tweaks and improvements to software and hardware that makes your WordPress website many times faster.

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At Sircon we love WordPress and the usability it provides for both developers and editors of websites. But although it has many good qualities, WordPress are not optimized for speed without some tweaks. We have hosted WordPress sites on a large scale over the last 8 years and found some smart adjustments and efficiency improvements that enhance your WordPress site and making it several times faster.

This package is an add-on you can buy all our web hosting, and we call it Sircon Speed ​​Press.
Sircon Speed ​​Press is fastest WordPress shared hosting on the market and uses the latest technology, best processors, best fiber networks, fastest SSD storage and much internal memory (RAM).

We compare favorably with anyone!

Here is a point by point description of improvements and adjustments we make when you decide to upgrade your WordPress webhosting to Sircon Speed ​Press:

1) Apache Webserver.


Filters out unwanted traffic, anti ddos, anti bruteforce, anti hack. ModSecurity is a module for the web servers that inspects all requests and responses to and from the Web server, and connected to this again is more filter these requests are checked against, including blocking of known hacker attacks and seals for the most obvious vulnerabilities In addition to much much more.


Compacts finished generated data, resulting in a smaller traffic amount. Mod_deflate picks up the website before it is sent to your browser and packs down the website in the same way as a zip file, this means that the website is sent to the browser is much smaller and therefore require less bandwidth to load the webpage. This is particularly positive if you have slow internet, and no waiting for a great website.


Mod expires tells the browser that files such as images, javascript and css should be stored as temporary files in the browser. This means that when you are surfing around on a website will not load images, javascript and css again but rather bring those from the local store in your browser, this is helping to save bandwidth and speed because you are not downloading more than necessary.

-mpm event.

Is the module itself as the Web server uses to handle requests that occur when you visit a website. The advantage of this is that it does not use a whole process per request, but rather create their own under threads belonging to the process by which each thread handling a request. This allows resource consumption per request is less, and it can handle multiple requests simultaneously so they can not be queued. It also has dedicated threads for “keep-alive” requests so that it quickly handle several consecutive requests from the same connection.

2) PHP 7.x

PHP 7 has much better memory management, as well as many speed and safety improvements. PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP which has all new security and speed improvements. This, in addition to new features that make your website as secure as possible, as fast as possible and as feature-rich as possible.

3) OPcache

OPcache is a RAM-based cache system for PHP. Stores precompiled PHP code so it does not need to be compiled again every time. OPcache allows to speed up significantly on programming that WordPress uses. By using precompiled code every time someone presses the same button, one will not compile the same code but rather reuse Precompiled code each time.

4) MariaDB 10.x

MariaDB is heir to the open source MySQL, providing better speed and security improvements. All content on WordPress site is stored in the database. MariaDB is program that manages the database of WordPress, and this is the latest version with all new optimizations and safety improvements.

5) Aria

Aria storage engine is a database engine, successor to MyISAM, which achieves high-speed database reading. Spread on websites, blog and other pages where visitors are not storing information.

6) XtraDB

XtraDB storage engine is a database engine, successor to Innodb, high speed during database writing. Spread on discussion forums and other sites where visitors storing information.

7) WordPress

WP Fastest Cache plugin

WP Fastest Cache is a 3rd party plugin that stores pre-generated HTML code in / wp-content / cache / that makes the first request to the page is up to 100x faster. WordPress itself uses about 300ms on generating content ready for viewing, with cache so lowered that time to ~ 5ms (if one checks locally so that network lags not join the math). This also means that servers get a lot less to do that again allows the server to handle many times more visitors before lags occur. WP Fastest Cache, you can read more about here.

Optimized WordPress theme

Sircon delivers optimized theme that provides full support for caching, base64 images for smaller requests, minimum database requests. The themes are fully responsive so that primarily prevents plugins and proprietary systems for mobile viewing.

RAM disk

We are creating a blazing RAM disk for WordPress cache. RAM disk at wp-content / cache / folder allows WP Fastest Cache stores cache in RAM instead of on disk, this lowers the internal load time from ~ 5ms to ~ 1ms if one does not include network sluggishness.