Through us you can order a domain for your website

  1. On our home page, , enter your desired domain name followed by enter, or by clicking on the magnifying glass.

2. The results will tell you whether the domain is available, or already registered. If your desired domain isn’t available, try a different one.

3. If your chosen domain is available, click the “Register” button.

4. If you wish to add storage of your site, hosted by us, select your desired package in the next step. If you do not require hosting, scroll further down the page.

5. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to view your cart, and make any desired changes before checking out. When you’re ready, select “Go to checkout”

6. At checkout you will be prompted to accept our terns and conditions, as well as Norids regulations for .no domains if applicable.
You are also able to enter any promotional coupons or coments regarding your order. When you are ready to proceed click “confirm order”.

7. After confirming your order, you will be shown a message summarizing your order. The status of your order can be found under “orders” on the “my account” page.

8. NOTE: If you have ordered a .no domain, you need to sign a declaration for said domain, confirming that you understand and will obide by their terms and conditions when registering a .no domain.

9. Sign your name in the field.
10. Click on the “sign” button.

11.A confirmation will appear and you can close the window/tab.