If you pay for hosting through us, you will be able to administer your e-mail accounts through the “my account” page. This covers how to create a new e-mail account:

  1. Access the “my account” page

2. Select “services” in the left-hand menu.

3. Select “view” next to the domain you wish to create a new e-mail account on.

4. Under the “Hosting” tab, select “Email Accounts”

5. Under the “New account” header enter the desired name of the new e-mail account.

6. Enter your desired password.
(Note: Make sure the password is secure! Our system does not accept passwords below a certain securty-level)

7. Repeat your chosen password.

8. When you have entered all the information, click “Create account”

9. The new account will appear in your list of e-mails as shown below: