When you’ve created an email account, and are planning to gain access to it trough unique software, or specific devices, such as a mobile phone, Ipad, Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, you’ll have to give the right information to the software, or device you are using.
The name for this processes is email configuration.

When it comes to configuring your email, you will get to choose between two different protocols for receiving mail, wich are IMAP and POP.

We highly recommend using IMAP, unless you know you have a specific need for using POP

The differences, and why you should choose IMAP.

As explained earlier, you can receive email trough two different protocols, the protocol for sending email is always SMTP.
When you’re receiving any given email, it will first be sent to a server. The location of the server, and the owners, depend on your costumer relationship, wich in this situation is Norway, and Sircon.
When the email arrives at our server, you could either choose to synchronize, or download the information.
IMAP synchronizes, while POP downloads.

If you synchronize your email, the information will stay the same on any software, or device.
If you choose to download the information, the inbox will spread across different devices, and can sometimes become a unorganized mess.
When synchronizing mail, the information will also stay on the server, and you’re backed by our policy of taking backup every night, for thirty days.

Enter your entire email adress in the searchfield below, and you’ll be given the server-settings for your specific account.

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