Sircon Express – simple and quick

Sircon Express is a flexible WordPress theme which makes it easy to setup your own website, webstore or blogg.

Be your own designer

You can design your website with the intuitive customization tool. Select layout, colors, fonts and styles. Publish and organize images and text in a simple way. With Sircon Express you will also get access to a full WordPress installation with all the built-in functions and plugins.

This is included in Sircon Express

  • Administrator shortcuts, so you can easily find what’s important.
  • Flexible design builder without any code. Integrated with WordPress customizer with live preview.
  • Responsive. Automacitally adapts to the screen on mobile and tablet.
  • Norwegian and english language, and ready for translations to other languages.
  • Customized website, blog, webshop or landing pages.
  • Facilitated for the webshop plugin WooCommerce. Install the free plugin and fill your webshop with your product. Physical or downloadable files.
  • Accessable user manuals specific for Sircon Express, and a more generally for WordPress.
  • Payment solutions, where you only get charged for each transaction, Paypal or Stripe. No costs before you actually sell a product. Or maybe you want to receive payments through Vipps?
  • Full WordPress functionality is of course intact
  • Continous updates. We make continous updates on the theme, and make it available so it’s always updated to the latest version. WordPress is also updated automatically to the latest version if nothing else is specified.
  • Facilitated for child themes and development. Sircon Express can be modified and customized to your needs. (Developers can see our developer documentation).
  • All servers and cooling systems are running on 100% norwegian renewable energy in our datacenter.
  • VMWare vSAN with the fastest SSD/Flash drives in our new datacenter, read more here

Sircon Norge AS guarantees that hosting and servers are run on 100% renewable energy, read more.

Who does Sircon Express suit?

Sircon Express gives many opportunities, either you want to run a personal blog, website, webshop, a landing page or something in between. The theme is responsive (mobile friendly), search engine friendly, and very easy to use.

Vi offer our WordPress theme, Sircon Express, to everyone who has a hosting plan with us, without any extra costs. Sircon Express is specially developed to make it easy to get started with a WordPress, blog, website, or webshop. With the design builder you can upload a logo, choose fonts, setup, style and colors, without needing to write any code.

See examples of Express in use: