Demanding web solution? Get a vps run on renewable energy

Impeccable performance as well as high-speed quality storage on the latest Enterprise SSD.

VMWare vSAN Cluster with exclusively SSD storage for your vps

All our VPS use VMWare’s vSAN solution with Enterprise SSD. This allows for high-speed reading and writing and contributes to better securing your data with and ideal redundancy.

In our VMWare All-Flash-vSAN Cluster all data is saved twice on each unit for optimal redundancy, this ensures that all data is always available even if multiple units fail. vSAN also uses data deduplication, making sure repeating data is saved only once while also compressing the data.

VMWare All-Flash-vSAN is the most secure, environmentally friendly data center solution on the market!

Sircon deliveres all new services on VMWare all-Flash-vSAN in our new data center.

Want to know more about VMWare vSAN?

cPanel control panel

A VPS with cPanel pre-installed can be a good solution if your company delivers web solutions to your clients. With cPanel you get full access to create hosting packages that include email, MySQL and much more.


With our backup / SLA services, you can sleep soundly at night. We back up all files each night, and keep the backups for 30 days, so we can easily restore anything if something is accidentally deleted or broken. We also guarantee 99.9% uptime, and we monitor the availability of the services on your server 24/7. This allows us to quickly address errors whenever they occur.

Disaster recovery on every vps

In case of fire or flooding we will be able to construct your virtual data environment in a short amount of time. All our servers are located in our own data center in Norway. We offer Veeam disaster recovery for your virtual data center.

We can reconstruct and start your virtual serveres in minutes if a disaster hit.

All solutions from Sircon run on 100% renewable Norwegian hydroelectricity. Check how enviromentally friendly your site is here.