Prices on services

Prices on programming, web development and technical services.

Here you will find standard prices on programming, web development and content work. For other needs, ask for quotation.

Hourly rates

Prices on programming, web development, content work and error correction on customer’s own web solutions and systems

0-15 minutes430,-
16-30 minutes670,-
31-45 minutes990,-
46-60 minutes1250,-
Current prices for work that surpasses one hour :
Professional work, installation, scripting, design, pr. hour1250,-
Web development, programming, pr. hour1350,-

Various services

Attendance within 30 km
Within 30 km. the standard price is invoiced, for longer journeys this is separately agreed. Travel, mileage allowance, travel time and parking are included.
Includes removal of hacks and hacked files, and updates of CMS. Prices from:
WordPress Migration
Migration from one domain to another on the WordPress installation
Domain – transfer to new owner150,-
Opening a suspended domain or web host1050,-
Backup – Rebuilding of the root folder, html, php, files400,-
Backup – Recovery of database400,-
Backup – Recovery of the entire account950,-


Operations, maintenance, support, backup and SLA

Backup hosting
Sircon Backup Hosting, price pr. 10GB/month.
Sircon SpeedPress
Speed optimized WordPress with RAM-Cache. Pr.month/website
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SSL certificate pr. year.175,-
Domain hosting, pr.month
Domain hosting pr.month. incl. DNS service which gives complete control over your own domain
Maintenance agreement SLA, per month
Maintenance agreement and SLA support
Webhosting, from NOK./month.36,-

Web development

Customizing web template, Sircon One or Sircon Express
We setup and customize Sircon One or Sircon Express so you can get a finished website with your own logo, colors and the setup you desire.
From 3500,-
Conversion of special fonts
Convertion of special fonts sent, not Google Fonts
Module/Component design
Customization of 1 component/module view
From Photoshop (.psd) to WordPress CMS
Base price for all custom websites
14 800,-
Designing unique web design with up to 3 revisions

All prices are in NOK ex.VAT.
For prices on web development or other services: