Having worked with, developed and operated data services for customers for over 25 years, I think a little clarification is needed here.

When an old colleague of mine asked, “Have you not considered moving the services up in to the Cloud? Then I was a little put out. Didn’t this once agnosticist knew that there are no computers up there? Or did he mean that we should move our servers to another data center operated on coal and nuclear power? Or should we just rent computers in countries where employees are underpaid and have poorer working conditions?

The term “cloud” is just computers that someone else owns, where operations and responsibilities are entrusted to people who you do not know!

In Sircon Norway, we have the privilege of offering data services run at 100% renewable energy. And we’ve been running data services and server operations over the internet for 10 years these days. Long before anyone talked about cloud services or moving data services up into the “cloud”.

Some says datacenters are now passing air-traffic as the wolds single worst polluter, as a frequent flyer i can confirm that none of these have have been observed in the sky.

We see that this “cloud-hype” confuses many and makes them choose little-optimized solutions, be they municipalities, public or large private companies.

Some choose “the big ones” like Microsoft, Google, etc. Certainly based on advice from someone who calls themselves consultants (advisors). Reminds that if you do not pay for an advice, it is not a counselor but a seller, and if you do not pay for a product, you are the product yourself (Facebook).

Whatever is the basis for the decision, we would like to remember that it is always about where you get the best advice, the best services and the most environmentally friendly work for the money!

That the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the computer systems is entrusted to people you know or at least can talk to can be crucial for an effective solution to your needs.

In Sircon, we operate, develop and maintain 2 modern vmWare data centers, where we can take responsibility for the delivery in a way that very few others can do today. You can call us, talk to a technician or meet us for a review of your computer solutions. Maybe we can, as we did for another customer, help halve your data costs? If not we could allways take a mountain trip togehter.

Check out what we in Sircon Norway can deliver with the lowest ” latency ” in Norway at 100% renewable hydropower, perhaps your clients and customers will also appreciate that you use environmentally friendly server operator?

Check out prices on your own server at Sircon.

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