Web hosting with full WordPress installed, and ready to use

cPanel hosting on 100% renewable Norwegian hydropower, only enterprise SSD storage. We keep your WordPress always updated and secure.

Enterprise SSD storage, managed hosting

All of our managed hosting plans is delivered with enterprise SSD storage. Hosted on our all flash VMWare vSAN cluster. Flash or SSD drives enables data to both be written and read lightning fast. SSD is a lot faster than traditional harddrives, and contributes to faster response times and can handle a lot more traffic.

  • Enterprise SSD
  • Reliable
  • Faster


All of our managed hosting plans are protected behind a firewall, which makes sure to stop as much malicious traffic as possible. We also have a lot of security mechanisms which makes sure to keep your WordPress website secured against known attacks

  • Firewall
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Encryption
  • DDoS protection


We take backup every night of all the data stored on your managed hosting plan, emails, websites and other files, and we keep all daily backups for up to 30 days.

We can restore your data if anything should happen, or if you should accidentally delete any of your data.

  • 30 days backup included
  • Backup to a external location
  • Backup of your entire hosting and files


Email are included in all of our hosting plans. You can log in and create as many email accounts as you would like as soon as your hosting plan is up and running. Email forwarding is also supported without the need of creating a email account.

  • As many email accounts as you want
  • Webmail, calendar and addressbook sharing
  • Email filtering and spam control
  • POP or IMAP

WordPress pre-installed

With our hosting you can get WordPress pre-installed. WordPress will be pre-installed and ready to use if you choose this while ordering. The installation also comes with some plugins which optimize the speed and disk usage, and also a few plugins which can be useful when you create your content. You can also choose to get our theme Sircon Express pre-installed, which let’s you setup your own design without writing any code.

  • WordPress ready to use
  • Sircon Express included
  • A few smart plugins are included
  • Full WordPress

Simple administration trough managed hosting.

You can easily administer your hosting plans though My Account. From there you can administer email accounts, FTP accounts, setup forwarders and more. In addition you will get a full overview of your invoices and payments, and when your services are renewed.

  • Full overview
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Simpler administration

100% renewable energy on managed hosting

Sircon guarantees that your site is run on 100% renewable energy. Because the power market is international, it can be difficult to locate the source of power. Therefore, a market of origin guarantees has been introduced. By purchasing such guarantees, you can make sure that the money you pay for the electricity goes to producers who produce renewable energy.