Domains at low prices

Order a domain with free DNS service from Sircon

We claim that Sircon has the lowest total cost of domains on the market. Our competitors often advertise the cost of the first year, and have a different rate for the following years. If you read the fine print and calculate what it would cost over a period of 5 years, you will find our claim is valid.

If you own 50+ .no domains each domain will cost you only 72,- NOK per year!

On our customer pages you can easily order new domains or manage your DNS, even on a mobile! Secure the domains you need now, and will need in the future for your family, friends or amazing business idea. The domain can be expensive to buy from others that claimed it before you did. Order you new domain by searching for it on the top of this page.

We are an accredited registrar for several TLD’s and can offer registration for almost anything. If you can’t find the TLD you want on our webpage,  contact us and ask for availability and price.

If you wish to become a reseller, there are other prices and terms.

The best reseller prices in Norway

What is a good domain name?

We have a small blog-post where we have gathered some references to what makes a good domain name.

If you order your hosting service from us as well, you get the domain fee for the frist year for free!