“Campingportalen” is Fortunaweb’s largest project to date.


After 6 years of intensive work we are now looking forward to a summer where we are able to reach out to even more camping tourists. In 2017 our website had 260.000+ views, we hope 2019 will be the year we reach 1 million views. A website of this size requires a tremendous effort both in terms of design, developing new functionality, adding and updating content. But it also requires a good provider to consult, and that is able to find good solutions when needed. Almost 10 years ago Fortunaweb selected Sircon AS as our provider. This is a team that preforms above and beyond every time! They are driven by their inquisitive nature and are always concerned with finding the best solution to any predicament.

– in summary: Nothing short of amazing! Thank you to Marius and the rest of the team!

Hilde Juliussen, CEO