Why we don’t regret choosing Sircon as our provider 6 years ago


Because they are always there, helping us out when we get into a spot of trouble.

As a media agency with countless website customers, one must not be under the illusion that hosting is always painless. Whoever your provider is, things will never run 100% smoothly 24/7. The important thing is to have a provider that is there for you when problems inevitably arise. To have someone to call, who will answer, listen to you, understand your issue and simply reply: “We’ll take a look and keep you updated!”

Sircon does this, or more precisely: Sircon’s employees do this. And they do it with a smile (which in my experience is not a given in the industry).

A company will never be better than it’s employees – and Sircon keeps getting better and better.

So Effekt Media would gladly do another 6 years!

Thumbs up, and two thumbs up to Marius. We wish the entire team a great time!

Anders Edvardsen, Development manager