Check if your website use renewable energy

Search for a domain, and get to how much renewable energy in total is used in the country where the service is running.

In Sircon, we have for a long time tried to communicate the value of having cloud services from Norwegian suppliers operating in Norway.

Almost everyone who has data centers in Norway uses renewable energy to drive a website, storage, etc. (hydropower and wind power). It is therefore with some turmoil that we see that several, even Norwegian suppliers are placing cloud / web services abroad in order to save small amounts. The consequences this has for the environment are big.

Renewable energy is simply sources of energy that we do not run out of – for example. solar energy, hydro and wind power, and not as fossil sources: Oil, gas and coal, which we are guaranteed to run out of at some time or another. Obtaining these fossil energy sources from the earth proves to be able to increase the temperature of the globe and destroy the basis of life for some of our cohabitants on the planet. We therefore choose to use only renewable energy in the operation of our services. We want to have a good conscience that we have done what we could to provide good living conditions for all people on the planet in our small way.

You might choose the same.

Many website owners are unaware of where their site is located because the decision of hosting is made by a third. We now think it’s time to let the site owners get information and raise awareness of the issue so they can make a qualified decision on their own, or at least get more facts on the table.

Sircon Guarantees 100% renewable energy!

Because the power market is international, it can be difficult to locate the source of power. Therefore, a market of origin guarantees has been introduced. By purchasing such guarantees, you can make sure that the money you pay for the electricity goes to producers who produce renewable energy. Read more about Electricity Certificates here.

Here’s how we find out:

All websites and servers often use a domain name to refer to an IP address, so we can easily find some information about the site or server in simple searches. We use WHOIS information together with IP geolocation to identify where the site is located, and put this in the context of statistics on the percentage of renewable energy found in the country where the service is operated.


Errors do exist here as everywhere else, but for most of the websites the information is correct. If your domain is forwarding to another domain, you should use the last domain in the chain to get the correct results. We see in some instances that the IP address is rented out, and are used other places than they seem to be. We also see content delivered over content networks (CDN) in environmentally unfriendly countries can report location in Norway and the other way around. The percentage renewable energy is not live, and will hopefully grow. The important thing is that we can give you as a website owner a better reason for your decisions, and we believe the error margin is acceptable.

Services with us will give a 100% in the results, since we’re running on 100% renewable Norwegian hydropower.

Efficient use of ICT could produce significant benefits for the environment, but this requires that the equipment is not run on energy from polluting gas, oil or coal.

We at Sircon are constantly surprised that municipalities, organizations and companies that want to emerge as environmentally conscious, outsource server operation to countries where little or none of the energy used is renewable.

Today, air traffic in the world accounts for 2% of the world’s climate emissions, and in a short time the data centers will pass this level! Therefore, it is high time to think about the consequences of data services in the cloud for the environment.

Make your website run on renewable energy, by simply becoming a costumer, and transef your data.

The cloud is really huge with servers that consume power. Therefore, it is critical that data storage is done in countries that have renewable energy.

Runa Haug Khoury, Bellona. Read more.

Did you know that some sites are responsible for over 50 times as much CO2 emissions as a website powered by 100% renewable energy?

We have made a simple tool so that the environmentally conscious website owner quickly can do research on their own website, to see if it helps increase the amount of pollution on the globe, and thereby take responsibility for their company’s environmental profile.

Do you have any questions to us about environmentally friendly server operations?

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