How to order a hosting plan

A hosting plan can be used to store your website and make it available online. To order a hosting plan follow these steps: 1. Select “Products” in the main menu. 2. Select “Hosting” from the submenu. 3. You will now get a overview of the hosting plans that we offer. Click on “Order” on the […]

How to login to cPanel

cPanel gives you the opportunity to control your hosting. this will guide you through the log-in progess. 1. Go to “My Account”. 2. Select “Services” in the left hand menu. 3. Select “View” by the desired domain. 4. In the hosting tab, select “cPanel login”. 5. You will now get redirected and automatically logged in […]

How to cancel your hosting

If you have a hosting with us and wish to cancel this service, you can follow the steps below: 1. Go to “My Account” 2. Select “Services” from the menu on the left. 3. Click on “Show” by the domain for the hosting you wish to cancel. 4. Under “Connected services”, make sure the “Hosting”-tab […]