How to edit the DNS zone for a domain

If you have a domain with us, you can administer DNS settings through “My Account”. This is how you edit the DNS. 1. Go to “My Account”. 2. Select “Services” in the left menu. 3. Click “Show” on the domain you wish to edit the DNS on. 4. Select “Edit DNS”. 5. Here you will […]

How to cancel a domain

If you have a domain with us and wish to cancel it, you can follow the steps below. Note: Cancellation must take place within 30 days before the renewal date, or you will get an invoice for a new period. 1. Go to “My Account”. 2. Select “Services” from the left menu 3. Click “Show” […]

How to purchase a domain

Through us you can order a domain for your website On our home page, , enter your desired domain name followed by enter, or by clicking on the magnifying glass. 2. The results will tell you whether the domain is available, or already registered. If your desired domain isn’t available, try a different one. […]