Avoid using Jetpack for WordPress

We recommend that you avoid using Jetpack for WordPress, for multiple reasons. We will actively block Jetpack for WordPress from now on. Here is a summary of the most important reasons:
  1. Unecessary extra requests (effectively doubling the requests to the website)
  2. Jetpack uses XML-RPC api. This leads to security issues, e.g. bruteforcing.
    This contradicts Jetpacks own claims about how they stop these kinds of attacks.
  3. It’s a complex and large plugin that tries to do too many things at once. (bugs, issues, poorly optimized code, etc)
  4. Contradictory to their own sales pitch, Jetpack does not make your website “Faster”.
    Our best case measurements shows a 50 ms slower website when Jetpack is installed and active. Our general estimates show that Jetpack makes your website roughly 30% slower.

Also see our list of blacklisted plugins for WordPress.