Infection control and registration of attendees during the pandemic

Norwegian health authorities now require that all participantas and spectators are registered when attending events. This is done to make infection tracking easier. Sircon has developed a solution that makes registration during the pandemic easy both for attendees and organizers.

This requirement has a fair few challenges associated with it:

Anyone attending the event is required to register to ensure efficient and easy infection tracking and control. The total number of people present at the event cannot exceed 200, this includes participants, coaches, spectators etc.

Upon discovering that someone who is sick or presenting symptoms has been, or is present at the event, organizers are to be notified imediately. This is to be followed by infection tracking, access to names and contact information is essential to do this efficiently. Read further to know how we solved registration during the pandemic.

This is where our access system comes in. Sircon Sesam is easy to implement, and is an important tool when contacting groups of attendees. Sircon Sesam can easily show who was present at an event, at a certain time, and how to best contact them. All in a clear and efficient manner.

Sircon Sesam provides simpler and faster registration for events. Registering attendees gives a better overview, and helps to prevent the spreading of infection. The app makes repeated visits easier to register.

How it works:

Registering your information is only necessery the first time you visit a site.

As a visitor, you register on your phone or PC, either from home or on site. You register your name, phonenumber, and have the option of registering your email.

An example of a registration form, can be found here:

If you chose to register your email, a user wil be created in the Sircon Sesam app. By using the app you don’t need to re-enter your information every time you visit the location, or any other location using Sircon Sesam as their tracking method.

The Sircon Sesam app is free to download, and will make registering for events quick and simple. The app is personal, and subsequent registrations of visits are done by the touch of a button. A link to download the app will be emailed to you when you register your email.

Our solution makes registration during the pandemic easy, here is how it works:

Special offer for cultural and sports organizers as well as amazing offers for curcuits and festivals

Sircon Sesam makes registering easy for anyone who frequents several locations over the course of days or weeks. You register once per location, any following visits are registered by pressing the buttom corresponding to the location. This is as simple as it gets. We believe that if this solution is to benefit the Norwegian health authorities, it needs to stay uncomplicated for those who use it.

Special offer – sports/cultural clubs: 50% discount

Special offer – all clubs in a circuit: 75% discount

Festivals, any events held in 2020: 100% discount

Upon arrival attendees will be prompted to register.

A screen can be used to prompt attendees to register when they arrive. If an attendee is allready registered, the name of the location will appear in their app and they can simply press a button to register their entry.

When you are at a location that uses Sircon Sesam, and that you are registered with, they will appear in your app. Any screens can be used to greet visitors by name, as well as provide rules / preventive measures for infection control.

If you frequent several locations, it is easy to register your arrival, with a single buttonpress. Ideal for cups, matches and caps that has you coming back several times during a season.

The next time you visit a location you are registered at, your single buttonpress gives the organizers all the information they need should they need to contact you, as well as the time you were present at the location. This is especially usefull when participating in a cup, where it is necessary to move between arenas and register at each.

Sircon Sesam is a cloud based access solution that provides efficient administration and controll of acces points, ideal for any location you are managing

Read more about Sircon Sesam here:

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