Blacklisted WordPress plugins

WordPress is a rich environment with practically unlimited expandability in the form of plugins. Anyone can write and publish a plugin for WordPress, sadly with little to no quality control. This means that some plugins are poorly written, exposing security loopholes and slow down your website considerably. Any website slowdown may also affect the server, which usually hosts many other websites that may then also be affected negatively. This kind of slowdown will occur despite good server speed and configuration.

This reason gives us no choice: We have to assume the same position as other hosting companies that are simply blacklisting the worst plugins in regards to security and performance.

This list contains our blacklisted plugins:

  • 6Scan Security (6scan-protection)
  • ARI Adminer (adminer / ari-adminer)
  • Broken Link Checker (broken-link-checker)
  • Contextual Related Posts (contextual-related-posts)
  • EWWW Image Optimizer (ewww-image-optimizer)
  • “iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)” (better-wp-security)
  • Fuzzy SEO Booster (fuzzy-seo-booster)
  • Google XML Sitemaps (google-sitemap-generator)
  • “Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps (support Sitemap Index, Multi-site and Google News)” (google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-support / bwp-google-xml-sitemaps)
  • Jetpack for WordPress (jetpack). Read more about why here.
  • (jr-referrer)
  • kStats Reloaded (kstats-reloaded)
  • (portable-phpmyadmin)
  • SEO Auto Links & Related Posts (seo-alrp)
  • (similar-posts)
  • NewStatpress / Statpress (statpress / newstatpress)
  • (sweetcaptcha-revolutionary-free-captcha-service)
  • (toolspack)
  • Wordfence Security (wordfence)
  • (wp-phpmyadmin)
  • WP-PostViews (wp-postviews)
  • Slimstat Analytics (wp-slimstat)
  • Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin (YAFPP) (yet-another-featured-posts-plugin)
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) (yet-another-related-posts-plugin)