Backup hosting

A backup hosting plan with Sircon is a secure online storage for your backup outside of your own offices/premises.

Affordable and easy backup for big and small companies.

The value of backing up important data is often underrated, and to many organizations a backup of all the data is more important than other types of insurances. Backup stored outside of your own location is the only insurance you can have against the loss of important data.

Harddrives does not live forever, and the computers does not withstand water, fire or lightning very well. Sometimes equipment gets stolen or destroyed in other ways. We have also experienced that local backups have been stolen with the equipment where the data was stored.

A backup hosting at Sircon is simply a storage for your backup outside of your own house. You get rid of the risks tied to storing backups on the same location. Our backup hosting will make sure that the terms in your insurance agreement are complied, if you have a interruption insurance against loss of data.

We don’t have any start-up costs and you only pay for the storage you use. The price is NOK 0,5 per gigabyte/month.

Norway’s most secure backup hosting, secured against EMP from weapons and natural phenomena

A electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short intensive electro magnetic discharge which can cause damage on electronic components. This is usually caused by natural phenomena like lightning or solar storms, but can also be caused by terror, nuclear or conventional weapons.

We will be able to create your virtual data environment in our datacenter in no time, in case of fire or flood. All of our servers are located in our own data center in Norway. We offer Veeam disaster recovery for your virtual VMWare datacenter.

We secure your data against those with malicious intents

Encrypted communication, IP filtering and data stored externally secures your backup data against hackers, viruses, ransomware or anything caused by internal user errors.

Benefits with our backup hosting

  • IP filtering in our firewall.
  • FTP, SFTP or WebDAV.
  • EMP, Fire and physically secured datacenter.
  • Environment friendly. 100% renewable energy.
  • Everything is stored in Norway.
  • No start-up costs.
  • You only pay for what you use (NOK 0,5 per gigabyte/month).
  • 30 days free demo

Your operation critical backup data safely stored under norwegian jurisdiction

With your data stored in Norway, loss of your data will be regulated under norwegian law. We have constant surveillance of all over servers and services. Our technicians will instantly get a notice if any of our services go down. We start troubleshooting instantly in the case of any errors.
All of our services are provided from our own datacenter in Norway.

Sircon guarantees servers run on 100% renewable energy, click the link to know the impact, and check if your website uses renewable energy