Terje Dahlhaug

How to avoid ransomware hurting your business?

The value of having backup of important data outside our own network is often underestimated, but if you get a ransomware virus spread in your own network, you realize how important the data we need every day is. For many organizations, data backup is more important than other types of insurance. The disappearance of a […]

Edit DNS

Navigate to “my account and log in. 2. Select “services” from the left hand menu. 3. Click on “View” next to the relevant domain. 4. Select “Edit DNS” 5. The available DNS settings will now appear, use the tabs to select the relevant settings. When you have made your desired changes, click “Save changes” NOTE: […]

Infection control and registration of attendees during the pandemic

Norwegian health authorities now require that all participantas and spectators are registered when attending events. This is done to make infection tracking easier. Sircon has developed a solution that makes registration during the pandemic easy both for attendees and organizers. This requirement has a fair few challenges associated with it: Anyone attending the event is […]

How to purchase a domain

Through us you can order a domain for your website On our home page, sircon.no , enter your desired domain name followed by enter, or by clicking on the magnifying glass. 2. The results will tell you whether the domain is available, or already registered. If your desired domain isn’t available, try a different one. […]

How to create e-mail accounts

If you pay for hosting through us, you will be able to administer your e-mail accounts through the “my account” page. This covers how to create a new e-mail account: Access the “my account” page 2. Select “services” in the left-hand menu. 3. Select “view” next to the domain you wish to create a new […]

Pagebuilders and why you should avoid them

They make content look pretty and you feel like you are in control when you create pages with a pagebuilder. However, there are more considerations to be made before losing your content to a pagebuilder format. Sircon has seen many pagebuilder in various WordPress installations, and we have seen many reasons for simply avoiding using […]

The WordPress exponent – dealing with slow WordPress

Why is my WordPress so slow? Why aren’t my caching plugins helping speed up my website? WordPress isn’t so slow when hosted on other servers, fix your servers If you are experiencing a slow WordPress, or these statements seem familiar to you or your customers, then you are not the first, and guaranteed not to be […]