About Sircon Norge AS

We work with operations and development of web solutions which makes our customers tasks easy.

We operate all our services in our own data centers in Trondheim, under Norwegian law. We own and take responsibility for all of the computer equipment ourselves. We run thousands of websites. We monitor all our servers 24/7/365. Sircon is an accredited registrar for .no, .se, .dk and you can otherwise order most domains from all corners of the world.

Reliability and server park

We operate our own servers in our own data center. All the energy we use comes from 100% renewable norwegian hydropower. Our energy provider guarantee us that. Shorter distance and the same timezone gives us an advantage for professionals who approaches customers in Norway.

Our servers and infrastructure is configured and setup by our own technicians who have competence in everything from protocols to the packages that get’s sent. Our infrastructure is based on industry standard quality products which holds the industry strictest quality requirements.

We also ensure that foreign indexing services that you do not want to be granted access to your website are rejected if desired.

All of our servers and fiber network is operated on 100% renewable hydropower from our own province.

All operations with VMWare’s reputable platform. All Flash and best performance.
30 days remote backup included.


Our network is connected with a fiber connection to the internet. We have 2x 1GBit bandwidth to the internet. We monitor all of our services 24/7/365, and start error correction as soon as possible or upgrade our capacity if needed.


We have constant monitoring of all of our servers and services. One of our technicians will automatically get notified via SMS and email if anything should go down, and will start error correction as soon as possible.

Our servers

Our web servers are fast and operated on VMWares All Flash vSAN for best redundancy and speed. All of our servers have modern energy efficient multicore processors. We also operate custom dedicated VPS servers for resource heavy applications.


Our server room is EMP, fire and moisture proof. Backup is taken of all the data, and are stored for 30 days unless otherwise agreed. We have double powerlines and UPS with long battery hours that should prevent downtime caused by power outage. No one unauthorized has access to our server room.

Sircon Norge AS has been entrusted with a significant number of customers in the Norwegian market for their critical data services, web services, e-mail, mobile and cloud services, as well as web design, web development and operation of web solutions. Over 6,000 customers have used our services in recent years. We are an accredited registrar and we operate our own data centers. In addition, we monitor all services 24/7/365. All this ensures that we can take responsibility for the total web delivery in a way that few providers in Norway today have the opportunity to.

Sircon Norge AS is an authorized cPanel provider, VMWare Professional Cloud provider, Veeam Cloud and Service provider and is an approved apprentice company. The company is also a member of the organization Virke. Sircon Norge AS is a 100% Norwegian company and has its business address in Trondheim.

Sircon Norge AS, Org/VAT number: 992 432 152, Address: Lade Teknopark, Stiklestadveien 1, 7041 Trondheim.

We work with web solutions that can make your business or organization better! We love what we do, and we are looking forward to work for you. Call us on +47 92034702 or send an email to support@sircon.no.