Our products and cloud services:


Getting your domain through us will provide you with great DNS administration tools, so you can point your domain to the correct place. We've made sure that the DNS tool works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop, making it easy to make changes even if you're on the go. All our customers get this DNS sevice free of charge.


We program and run custom web portals and web solutions. We are passionate about our solutions being as functional, fast and easy to run as possible. We make sure to follow known standards when we program. API, integration and many pre-developed modules, makes it so we can offer you high quality, affordable solutions.

Web hosting

All of our web hosting plans are now delivered on an All Flash, VMWare vSAN Clusters. By using Flash or SSD drives we make sure that data is read and written lightning fast. SSDs are much faster than traditional harddrives, this helps make your website respond faster and therefore makes it so your site can handle much more traffic.


We develop custom WordPress themes and plugins for WordPress. We can also implement your desired design in WordPress. It's important for us that the solutions we deliver are as user friendly and fast as possible, and therefore we follow known standards when we code for WordPress. Have a great idea for your website? We can help you make it a reality.

Environmental friendly operations

Say yes to being environment friendly! Several countries host servers by using non renewable energy sources. Consequences for the environment are huge. Make sure that your services use renewable energy, and set an example for your industry. We operate using 100% Norwegian hydropower with competitive prices.

Backup hosting

Backup hosting is simply a storage space for your backup outside of your premises. You remove any risks accosiated with storing your backups locally.
If you have interruption insurance against data loss, our backup hosting will be sure to comply to the terms of your insurance agreement.


All of our VPS serveres use VMWare's vSAN-solution with enterprise SSD storage. All flash vSAN provides lightning-fast reading and wrighting to disk, and contributes to better securing your data using best redundance. In our vSAN cluster all data is stored twice on each unit, for best redundance.


Supervisor is a cloud-based solutions for those who provide services that require reocurring billig / card payments. Supervisor is the result of our 12 years of experience with cloud-based solutions. Supervisor has several smart modules, an API and you only pay for the features you need.


Sircon has a holistic approach when it comes to safety. This includes secure datacenters, secure data storage, securely providing additional content, precice access controll as well as regularly revising / updating software. We currently have several interesting references and projects.

Sircon operates all services in its own data centers in Trondheim, under Norwegian legislation. We own and take responsibility for all of the computer equipment ourselves. We run thousands of websites. We monitor all our servers 24/7/365. Sircon is an accredited registrar for .no, .se, .dk and can supply most domain names. Sircon Norge AS is an authorized cPanel provider, VMWare Professional Cloud Provider, Veeam Cloud & Service Provider, and an approved learning enterprise. Sircon is a member of the organization Virke, and is a 100% Norwegian-owned company with its business address in Trondheim. Sircon Norge AS is environmentally conscious, financially sound and has a good reputation in the market.

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Some of our customers

Fru Timian

Cookbook author and one of Norway’s most reputable food bloggers

At Frutimian.no you find inspiration for cooking, and you can subscribe to the weekly menu so you always have a dinner tip for the day. In the online store you can buy spices and books.

From day one, I have been a satisfied customer at Sircon. They helped me sort out all the underlying stuff on the blog after the previous vendor buzzed everything, and they have always been very service-oriented – even when I hysterically on a weekend night find out that an error has occurred.

Marit Røttingsnes Westlie

Effekt Media AS

Why we don’t regret choosing Sircon as our provider 6 years ago


Because they are always there, helping us out when we get into a spot of trouble.

As a media agency with countless website customers, one must not be under the illusion that hosting is always painless. Whoever your provider is, things will never run 100% smoothly 24/7. The important thing is to have a provider that is there for you when problems inevitably arise. To have someone to call, who will answer, listen to you, understand your issue and simply reply: “We’ll take a look and keep you updated!”

Sircon does this, or more precisely: Sircon’s employees do this. And they do it with a smile (which in my experience is not a given in the industry).

A company will never be better than it’s employees – and Sircon keeps getting better and better.

So Effekt Media would gladly do another 6 years!

Thumbs up, and two thumbs up to Marius. We wish the entire team a great time!

Anders Edvardsen, Development manager

Fortunaweb AS

“Campingportalen” is Fortunaweb’s largest project to date.


After 6 years of intensive work we are now looking forward to a summer where we are able to reach out to even more camping tourists. In 2017 our website had 260.000+ views, we hope 2019 will be the year we reach 1 million views. A website of this size requires a tremendous effort both in terms of design, developing new functionality, adding and updating content. But it also requires a good provider to consult, and that is able to find good solutions when needed. Almost 10 years ago Fortunaweb selected Sircon AS as our provider. This is a team that preforms above and beyond every time! They are driven by their inquisitive nature and are always concerned with finding the best solution to any predicament.

– in summary: Nothing short of amazing! Thank you to Marius and the rest of the team!

Hilde Juliussen, CEO